Wainscott is Not Sagaponack

The proposed village of Wainscott is incomparable to the current village of Sagaponack. Due to dissimilar infrastructure and developmental factors, the consequences of incorporation are much more impactful on Wainscott and its residents than the incorporation of Sagaponack. The proponents of incorporation have not considered or given enough thought to many of the potential and ongoing prospects of Wainscott.

Village of SagaponackWainscott
Population 320650 (~570 : If Village)
Land Use:



Yes; two terminals
Pending ProjectsnoneHamlet Study,  Sandpit
Commercial Development (Major)none70+ Acre Sand Pit
Schools1 : coterminous with village (same district boundaries)1: public non-coterminous with proposed village  1: private – coterminous
BeachesTownRestricted : Village Sticker Required 

Sand Pit

  • 70+ acres; currently zoned for commercial/industrial use.
  • 75% of land use could potentially become an industrial park; buildings, roads, and parking.
  • Largest single commercial development in EH Town, not to mention Wainscott.
  • Concerns; inappropriate overdevelopment could cause more congestion, as well as changes in surface and groundwater quality and quantity. 
  • To determine the land’s most suitable recourse, we need experienced, talented people to research development guidelines and impact on the local community. Waste water treatment is critical to this research.
  • The Hamlet Study provides more appropriate and sustainable alternatives to this development. 

Hamlet Study 

  • Examines an area of roughly 20 acres, plus the 70+ acre sand pit.
  • Wainscott’s commercial area is currently an automobile-oriented strip with a haphazard character, lacking pedestrian connectivity and outdoor public spaces. 
  • With fundamental and thoughtful planning, the district could be shaped into a more attractive, walkable, economically vibrant commercial center.
  • The Hamlet study includes plans to potentially utilize the Sand Pit as a park, town-housing, LIRR station, etc… 
  • For more in depth information on the Hamlet study, please visit the link below.



  • 600 acres
  • To the North of the Airport is over 1,000 acres of protected Pine Barren open space. 
  • Priority Drinking Water Protection Area, Provides EH Town with its largest aquifer.
  • Largest volume and highest quality of dinking water in the entire East Hampton Town
  • Air traffic is controlled by the FAA and East Hampton Town, an incorporated Wainscott would not change that. 


  • The public school district boundaries and the proposed Wainscott village boundaries would be non-coterminous. 
  • Wainscott also contains both a public and private school.

“I don’t square Sagaponack with Wainscott at all… Wainscott has a much larger area, it has much more commercial real estate. And we had a very unified community. We did not have any different factions running around trying to challenge us… I think it would be much more difficult to find common ground in Wainscott than it was in Sagaponack.” – Donald Louchheim, Mayor of Sagaponack