Dear David,

The way the incorporators of Wainscott talk about how neglected our hamlet is I expect to see rusting Chevys abandoned along Main Street with tumbleweed, aimless and feral, rolling down Beach Lane. They repeat again that East Hampton Town has been “indifferent” to Wainscott and that our hamlet has received “poor treatment.” What are they talking about?

The bucolic nature of Wainscott — the Wainscott you see today — was made possible because of forward-thinking governing and sizable investments from East Hampton Town. You can find a long list of preserved Wainscott properties on the Town website: ehamptonny.gov/175/Wainscott.

And let’s talk about the swift action the town took to provide clean water to the hamlet and to share the burden of that expense across the town. We are fortunate.

Wainscott didn’t get to be the wonderful hamlet it is today without considerable help and attention from the Town of East Hampton. Its future is going to depend upon a continuation of that support.

Wainscott, NY

from a letter to the editor of the East Hampton Star