Step Up !

Nowhere in the town code does it say residents of Wainscott are forbidden from running for town board. Nor does any law say they may not be appointed to any board within the town. For all of the residents who are complaining that Wainscott has no representation in town government I say: Run for office! Be the government you want instead of complaining. Step up.

Wainscott residents have always participated in town government. For all of the new people who have no knowledge of our history, here are some names: Diana Weir, Nancy McCaffrey, Richard Myers, James McCaffrey, Sam Kramer, and we even had a congressman to the United States House of Representatives from Wainscott!

While you are all complaining on Zoom about lack of representation, the rest of us are happily enjoying all the benefits of what East Hampton Town has accomplished for the residents of Wainscott, like our delicious $24 million clean water. Or we are out biking, walking, or just enjoying the views looking at the $50 million invested in Wainscott for over 750 acres of land preservation, agricultural preserves, and open vistas.

We are content in the arms of the good governance and very competent Town of East Hampton. It is a government that functions, has a triple-A bond rating, and has treated us well. For those of you who are not happy: Run for office!


Wainscott, NY

a letter to the editor of the East Hampton Star