No Real Benefit

Dear David,

At the Feb. 6 meeting of the Wainscott Citizens Advisory Committee a simple question was asked of the proponents for the incorporation of Wainscott: “What is the value of incorporation?”

How will Wainscott truly benefit from incorporation? Their answer? “We’ll get back to you.”

This is a troubling response. How are we supposed to trust a group that can’t readily answer this question? They have been lauding incorporation for months and months, have paid a public affairs company and financial analysts tens of thousands of dollars, and their response to this simple question is, “We’ll get back to you.”

I am reminded of Ted Kennedy when he was asked “Why do you want to be president?” Kennedy didn’t have an answer to this softball question and his presidential campaign soon began to fade.

The truth is that incorporation has no real benefit for Wainscott. And Wainscott, by the way, is not a dumping ground for the town. In fact, East Hampton Town has been a great partner with our hamlet; just ask the farmers on Beach Lane and Sayre’s Path.

You can find out more about why incorporation is a bad idea at

Wainscott, NY

from a letter to the editor of the East Hampton Star