Do the “Preservation”

Dear David,

While listening in on the Wainscott citizens advisory committee meeting this past Saturday, many folks complained about our superb Highway Department having removed old, rotten, and potentially dangerous trees along Main Street Wainscott. The tree canopy along historic Main Street is spectacularly beautiful. We all love those old, well-established trees. However, when trees fall during storms or rot over time they become a threat to homes, autos, wires, and people’s safety.

I would suggest the group calling itself Citizens for the Preservation of Wainscott spend some of their millions of dollars accumulated from donors on preserving Wainscott Main Street and buy new trees to replace those that were rotten and removed. If they can spend $300,000 on consultants like the Mercury Group, $700,000 on lawyers and litigation, and even more on advertising, perhaps they should actually do the “preservation” they claim to be for. Truth in advertising — or they should change the name of their organization to Citizens for the Litigation in Wainscott.

Preservation is a convenient word but should only be used to do just that.


Wainscott, NY

from a letter to the editor of the East Hampton Star