Don’t Be Fooled

Take another look at your recent tax bill. Wainscott residents already pay Suffolk County, East Hampton Town, and Wainscott School taxes. Do you really want to pay another tax bill?

Now a small group of Beach Lane property owners—whose real agenda is to stop the South Fork wind farm cable from passing under their street —want to enlist you in their effort and have you foot the expensive tax bill for their village, an unnecessary additional layer of government.

DON’T BE FOOLED by the preposterously low budget numbers offered by the incorporation promoters’ high priced consultants. Here are the facts:

  • The village budget concocted by the promoters is sorely underestimated and based on the erroneous idea that Wainscott is just like Sagaponack, which has no retail shopping center,, no commercial/industrial area, no airport, and little if any undeveloped land, like Wainscott’s 70 acre sand pit, that is ripe for overdevelopment.
  • The proposed government will provide no new or enhanced services. Even though essential services, like police and code enforcement, will continue to be provided by the Town,we will get a higher tax bill.
  • Promoters’ claim that the mayor and village boards can be adequately filled by a few unpaid volunteers  is laughable. A skeletal unpaid village government will not provide essential staff support in land use planning and zoning now provided by the Town with its substantial resources and experienced and well respected professionals.
  • If an incorporated Wainscott moves to block the cable landing, (as its promoters intend to do) complex, protracted litigation is certain to follow and we taxpayers (not just the Beach Lane  promoters) will be stuck with the tab.

The truth is that incorporating Wainscott serves only the purpose of those Beach Lane property owners who oppose the cable landing and want to foist on the rest of us the enormous costs of fighting it. And long after that battle is over, we will still be paying year-after-year for the REAL costs of running this expensive and unnecessary layer of government. 
Keep Wainscott Together. Vote No on Incorporation.